Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) falls on a Wednesday this year. The very special menu at Le Gothique will run from Wednesday Feb 14th through to Sunday 18th.
The menu is shamelessly based on a Valentine’s theme and devised to incorporate various ingredients regarded through the centuries as aphrodisiacs.
Named after the Greek goddess of love, aphrodisiacs are reputed to stimulate human desire. Casanova obviously believed this to be true of oysters, as it is recorded that he consumed 50 every day for breakfast. Whether aphrodisiacs really work is open to question, but the proof of the pudding will no doubt be in the eating. What is certain is that many such foods form the basis of a healthy diet, being low in fat and high in vitamins. Our menu offers a 6 oyster serving. With Oysters at No.1, the top 10 list of aphrodisiacs includes avocados, basil, chocolate, garlic, asparagus figs and honey. You will find at least one of these ingredients popping up in the various dishes on this menu.
We cannot stress the popularity of this Valentines event each year. In order to book you will need to book using the Opentable booking widget on this website or telephone us on 0208 870 6567
View our Valentine’s menu below.